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Subject: Re: Event?
From: Stephen & Kathy mortskm@.......
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 08:32:44 -0700

I have been enduring the same puzzlement!!!!     But, based on the start times of
several webcorders I estimate that the event took place within a couple hundred
miles of the equator and 115W longitude!    The start times for my trace,  TUC in
Arizona,  HKT in Texas,  and DWPF in Florida were all about the same,,,    the
PAYG in the Galapagos Islands was about 5 minutes earlier and the RSSD in South
Dakota was a few minutes later,,  so that should put it in the Pacific generally
west of the Galapagos!
Curious, why it hasn't been reported???????
  PSN Station #55
  near Pilot Hill Ca
  38.828N  120.979W

barry lotz wrote:

> Hi All
>    About 1 hour before the Yukon 5.7 event I picked up another event . I
> noticed it on the USGS Live Helicorder  from Hawaii and Russia but see
> no mention of it on any listing. Anyone see a report of it
> (~13:00:00UTC)
> Regards
> Barry
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