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Subject: PSN mentioned in EOS article
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Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 20:56:46 EDT

Hello all:

The PSN was mentioned in the June 12, 2001 issue of EOS (Transactions of the 
American Geophysical Union).  Perhaps this item has already been noted by 
someone else and I missed it when I recently unsubscribed from the list while 
away for several days.  If so, read no further.

The title of the article is:  "New Science Education Initiative Brings 
Seismology into the Classroom."  The thrust of the article is about various 
initiatives that have extended the boundaries of seismology from the research 
area into the Nation's schools.  A National initiative, the U.S. Educational 
Seismology Network (USESN) is attempting to bring together these diverse 
programs under a single umbrella.  Groups mentioned are:  the Princeton Earth 
Physics Project; Michseis/Ohioseis (a network of school and college based 
stations in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana); South Carolina Earth Physics 
Project; the Los Angeles Physics Teachers Alliance Group; a number of smaller 
local area seismic network; and PSN, which is "an informal network of amateur 
seismologists that includes stations in a number of schools."  

The article also shows a map of North America with the station locations of 
these various groups including those of PSN.  A figure shows two students at 
a high school in Indiana looking at a seismogram on a computer screen that 
looks like Winquake.

The senior author of the article is Michael Hamburger, Department of 
Geological Sciences, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405, email 

Bob Laney
Herndon, VA

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