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Subject: The earth moves again in N. California
From: "Larry Cochrane" cochrane@..............
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 19:50:26 -0700


For the last few months there have been very few earthquakes here in
Northern California. Today we had 5 minor events within a few hours. Here's
the event listings:

01/07/03 19:02:50  36.70N 121.33W   5.9 4.2Mw A*   11 km S   of Tres Pinos,
01/07/03 19:07:16  36.68N 121.32W   5.8 4.0Mw C*   12 km S   of Tres Pinos,
01/07/03 19:31:58  36.70N 121.33W   4.1 3.0Ml A*   11 km S   of Tres Pinos,
01/07/03 21:57:18  36.70N 121.33W   4.4 3.8Mw A*   11 km S   of Tres Pinos,
01/07/03 22:13:26  36.69N 121.31W   4.1 3.0Ml A*   12 km S   of Tres Pinos,

and this one yesterday:
01/07/02 17:33:53  36.69N 121.33W   6.3 4.0Mw B*   11 km S   of Tres Pinos,

Tres Pinos is ~120km (75 miles) south of my station. If you are interested
in looking at the different responses of different sensors, this would be a
good time to look at my event files Here's a short description for
each event file:

*.LCN, *.LCE and *.LCZ: These are the high gain channels from a
Forced-Balance Accelerometer (Kinemetrics FBA-23A). I use this sensor as a
reference since it was calibrated at Kinemetrics about two years ago.
Maximum acceleration was ~400 ug for the 4.2 event.

*.LC1: My N-S Lehman, *.LC8 and *.LC3 my high/low frequency ports of my N-S
SG sensor.

*.RWN, *.RWE and *.RWZ: There files come from one of the 4.5HZ 3 component
used Mark Products L-15B geophones I am selling.

For more information on my station and the sensors I am recording please see

Hopefully mother nature won't produce any larger calibration pulses....

Larry Cochrane
Redwood City, PSN


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