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Subject: Re: PSN file format and long file names.
From: Karl Cunningham karlc@..........
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 22:45:28 -0700

Larry --

I like the idea of having one filename extension associated with 
PSN4-format files.  The present method of using a different three-character 
extension for each sensor makes handling these extensions using the usual 
Windows file type associations almost impossible.

From SDR's point of view, if people are running SDR from a Windows 95 or 98 
machine booted to dos, doesn't that arrangement support long file names?

I believe naming files according to a system used by other organizations is 
desireable.  I think there may come a time when data is shared between 
networks much more than it is now.


--On Monday, July 09, 2001 20:00 -0700 Larry Cochrane 
>> creating filenames like:
>> 20000701_145023_PG_E-W_KURILI-ISLANDS_M6.5.TXT
>> I think you should modify SDR to use long names.
>> If i'm not in wrong SDR is DOS based and this can't be done.
>> Anyway this is my viewpoint:
> Since SDR is a DOS program it is limited to the 8.3 format. WinQuake and
> my archival system could save the files using a longer name. I would like
> to start a discussion on the new file name format. You can see Mauro
> proposal above. I propose a shorter format:
> Example: 20010705.234505.bhz.lc1.psn
> This is similar to how other seismic data archive systems on the net store
> event files.
> The first two set of numbers are the date and time followed by the
> component type like BHZ or LHN and then the sensor ID, this can be 2 to 6
> characters long. By ending the file in PSN, Windows can associate it as
> an event file and open it with a program like WinQuake if someone clicks
> on the file name using Explorer. Maybe just 2 characters for the year
> would be ok? This will become a problem in about 90 years! Anyone else
> want to suggest a format?


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