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Subject: RE: Cover for seismo
From: "Ron Westfall" westfall@........
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 17:19:27 -0700

Oops.  Sorry for the misinformation.  I don't have a scope, so I never
see the difference between peak voltage and RMS voltage.


> There seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding here.  Domestic mains
> power (the wall outlet kind) be it 110V AC, 117V AC, 120V AC (the most
> common modern standard) or whatever your local system provides is the
> voltage rating in R.M.S. (Root Mean Square) voltage.  Without getting
> into a short course in electrical engineering, RMS voltage is the
> equivalent of an equal DC voltage in terms of heating power.

> The peak voltage of the sinewave is the square root of two times the
> RMS.  For 115V AC mains this is about 163 Volts peak or 325 Volts peak
> to peak.  Just hang a good o'scope on the line to verify this.

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