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Subject: GPS receiver group buy, and other hardware for sale
From: "Larry Cochrane" cochrane@..............
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 01:17:23 -0700


A few weeks ago Chris Long (ChrisL@........... contacted me about buying
some GPS interface boards from me. He has 20, and will be getting a total of
80, Motorola ONCORE GPS receivers and antennas. They are slightly used but
in good condition. I had him send me one of each so I could test them with
SDR and they work fine. They are exactly the same receiver I have been
selling except these have the battery option. The antenna is similar to the
one I have been selling for awhile except the wire is a lot shorter. The
antenna I got from him has ~45 inch (1.1 meters) of wire and manufactured by
AeroAntenna Technology. The part number is AT575-109-OCXR-48-05-12-NM. See
this page for more info. The
GPS antenna I have been sell has 16 feet (4.8 m) of wire, other then that,
both seem to work about the same. See for information on the ONCORE GPS
receiver and the antenna I am selling.

Chris would like to sell the GPS parts in lots of ten. The units we don't
buy from him will probably be placed on EBay with a starting bid of ~$45 for
the receiver and $10.00 for the antenna. I plan to buy 10 or 20 for my stock
and sell a complete timing system, including my interface board for around
$120.00. This would be 1/2 of the current price using new GPS receivers and

Please let me know if you are interested in one or more of the GPS receivers
and / or antennas, or a complete time system including my interface board.

Chris also has the following hardware for sale:

12v NIMH battery packs. Come in sets of 2 3500AH packs, for a total of 12v
7000AH. I have a quantity of about 80+ of these packs. Cells are slightly
bigger than AA batteries.

9.6V NIMH battery packs, with a built in charging circuit. AAA size, 8 cells
total. Not sure of AH capacity, estimating 350.

I also have a James special charger and charging circuit for both packs,
that allows someone to integrate the batteries into a project easily.

Octagon Systems 6024 MicroPC SBC CPU module, 8088 XT, 1 MB memory, can
accept PLCC flash memory and 28 pin DIP flash to allow a grand total of 1 MB
of disk space, LPT, 2 COM, KB/SPKR, ISA bus, and 24 Digital I/O ports. These
actually run DOS and files can be transferred back and forth via a serial

Air Communications Aircommunicator, combines an Ericsson AMPS cell phone and
a 14.4k modem. These are units without cases designed to be embedded into a
project. Even without a display or keypad, the units are remotely
controllable via a serial port.

Please contact Chris Long (ChrisL@........... for any of the items above.

-Larry Cochrane
Redwood City, PSN


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