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Subject: Re: PSN file format and long file names.
From: barry lotz gbl@.......
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2001 09:40:14 -0700

     I have been using an 8.3 format and haven't had any difficulty ie
(YYMMDDNd.SS#)  where year month and day are obvious.
                 N: station sensor id A-Z  (26 possible sensors - 36 if one
uses numbers
                  d: direction V(vertical),N(north-south),E (east west)
               SS:two letter/number station id
                 #: quake # that day from that station  36  max(0-9 & A-Z).
                     lower  case letters also

                 I can see the two number year could be a problem around 2060.
If everyone in PSN had a unique two letter id (may already be the case) then
being able to record more than 36 events/day/sensor would be the only drawback
to this format.


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