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Subject: Re: no access to usgs sites
From: Dave Nelson davenn@..............
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001 11:44:20 +1000

hi guys,
                 thanks for ur responses weird   but have discovered
something further.... my Netscape 4.08  WONT access  or

but my IE5.5  will .... go figure that one out  ha ha ha

thanks Cap  i only discoverec the above  after u said try the   ..../heli2.htm
site and when i clicked on ur link it opened in IE rather than NS
i removed the   2 and it still opened   ..../heli.htm   then pasted the 
into netscape  and it still wouldnt open

why it should sddenly stop with netscape i have no idea

thanks all

			Dave A. Nelson   ZL4TBN
			13 Monash Rd.,
			Gladesville,  (Sydney)
			NSW, Australia


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