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Subject: Fw: Re: no access to usgs sites
From: "Larry Cochrane" cochrane@..............
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001 12:16:36 -0700

From John Lahr, -Larry

>Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2001 23:40:19 -0600
>To: cochrane@..............
>From: The Lahrs 
>Subject: Re: no access to usgs sites
>Bcc: f\john\PSN-PEPP
>Hi Dave,
>I noticed that for Netscape 4.08 nothing shows up below the
>page titles until all of the images have downloaded.  On IE 5.50,
>however, I can see each seismogram as it is downloaded.
>Last week, staring sometime during the weekend and extending
>until Wednesday morning, all of the USGS was cut off from the
>Internet for most sites around the world.  This was due to the
>ISP that carries most of our traffic cutting the USGS off due to
>too many USGS computers getting hacked by the virus that was
>going around and infecting MS IIS web servers.
>At 07:44 PM 7/28/2001 , you wrote:
>>hi guys,
>>                 thanks for ur responses weird   but have discovered
>>something further.... my Netscape 4.08  WONT access
>> or
>>but my IE5.5  will .... go figure that one out  ha ha ha
>>thanks Cap  i only discoverec the above  after u said try 
>>the   ..../heli2.htm
>>site and when i clicked on ur link it opened in IE rather than NS
>>i removed the   2 and it still opened   ..../heli.htm   then pasted the 
>>into netscape  and it still wouldnt open
>>why it should sddenly stop with netscape i have no idea
>>thanks all
>>                         Dave A. Nelson   ZL4TBN
>>                         13 Monash Rd.,
>>                         Gladesville,  (Sydney)
>>                         2111


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