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Subject: Re[2]: GPS questions
From: "angel@chiriqui" angel@............
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2001 15:37:29 -0400

Hello Mauro,

> when you will start your long trip?
> Do you will send me the gps before the trip?

My trip starts on the 5th of spetember and I will be going to Seattle
first where the 4.5 3 compnent device is and the all the GPS's are.  I
will be sending then to you about the 12th of September.
> Are you reconfigured all stations with
> seislog?

Two so far and the other two latter this week and early next.

> If yes this mean i should provide a solution
> for converting
> nordic to psn...

Well yes, Nordic to PSN is something that would be nice because then
one could share files with all PSN members.

I just bought a Perl book
and have it on my list to learn some Perl programming.  One of the
first things I will try are file converions programs nordic to psn
will be the first I will try. It msight take me a long time but I have
to learn some programming.

I have a perl
programs that I asked a friend of mine to write.   He did it in ten
minutes.  The program pings any address at some interval you want and if it does not
get an answer in a certain number of tried it reset the computer.  I
have one machine that hangs up when the phone company resets it's
frame relay line.

for example the command line would be

pingchck 60 5

that would ping every hour and if it failed to get a
response 5 times it would reset the PC.

Another program he did roughly and did not finish but I can see how it would be
done.  Will check to see if Seislog (or any program) is writing to a certain
directory.  If in a certain amount of time no activity is happening in
that directory it resets the computer. I want to use them for software

I hope to be able to do some basic Perl things by the time I get back
from the long trip.

> TAC32 is dowloadable from somewhere?

yes, the demo is at

it works very nice

> Hope all thing will run good on your seismic network!

I am still playing with the trigger sets but that will be done soon.




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