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Subject: Re: seismograph on ebay
From: CapAAVSO@.......
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 16:22:47 EDT

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<< It seems that many instruments with any type of chart recorder get
 called a "seismograph", even when they have a paper chart that says
 something like -20 to 100 deg C.  I'm sure this is one such instrument. >>

Hi Doug and Bob,

I checked the picture and it is definitely an Esterline Angus strip chart 
recorder. I once used one like it to record the output of a solar flare 
detector running at 3/4 inch/hr. It could also be used to record the output 
of a magnetometer or similar device. You can probably get chart paper for it 
from "Graphic Controls" which I believe is in Rochester, NY. I will not be 
bidding on it because I already have one. If you have a use for a strip chart 
recorder and can get this one cheap it should be a pretty good deal.

Cap    w2dnx

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