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Subject: Re: gps
From: BOB BARNS roybar@........
Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2001 10:34:32 -0400

  Jim's reply is a little misleading.  A GPS receiver can get an
accurate fix only if it can see some satellites near the horizon.  Put
your antenna where it can see as much of the whole sky as possible, not
"directly overhead".
Bob Barns

Jim Hannon wrote:
> Barry,
> The GPS satellites are not in geosynchronous orbit so they move all over
> the sky anywhere in the world. You should position you antenna so that it
> "sees" as much of the sky directly overhead as possible.
> At 05:51 PM 9/1/01 -0700, you wrote:
> >Hi all
> >       Well I finally hooked up my Oncore GT+ board w/ interface. I'm
> > trying the
> >Tac32 program first. I had one question about the hardware. Do I need to
> >hook up
> >the backup battery as Larry shows on his website or does that wafer battery
> >onboard work(with the foam underneath)? I still need to find where to put the
> >antenna . For someone in the central Calif area what part of the sky is
> >applicable?
> >Regards
> >Barry
> >
> >
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> Jim Hannon
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