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Subject: A Great Feature of WinQuake
From: peaches@............ (Donna Whitaker)
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2001 10:03:29 -1000 (HST)

Hi all.
For those of you that are not on the New-File mailing list,
here is a copy of what I included with my ML4.0 file upload
earlier this morning:

>The USGS's location for this 4.0 event is suspect as I show a
14km difference between Ian's gram (hl0), my grams, and the
USGS reported epicenter location. To check for yourself, down-
load both our files into your WinQuake data folder, then open
both our grams in WinQuake and hit the "locate event" button.
You will see that our distance circles intersect aprox 14km
from the reported epicenter. With Ian on the opposite side of 
the island, we are able to "bi-angulate" using this little used 
feature of Winquake. This, of course, hinges on both of our P and
S picks. For those of you that didnt know that WinQuake could do 
this, Im glad I could help. WinQuake is fantastic. 
Thanks Larry.<

I also need to thank Dave Nelson in Sydney, Australia who first
showed me how to use this feature. Thanks mate.

Kona PSN 


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