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Subject: New WinQuake beta release
From: "Larry Cochrane" cochrane@..............
Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2001 16:43:34 -0700


Today I released a new WinQuake beta release. The version number is 2.8 beta
1 with a release date of 09/06/2001. You can download the new release here:

There are two versions of the new release. I have a full release
(wq281b_full.exe) that contains a setup program that loads all of the files
needed to run the new release. You do not needed to install WinQuake 2.6
first. The other file ( only contains the new winqk32.exe file
and a few updated *.dat files. Make sure you copy all of the files in the
zip file to your WQ root directory.

Here's what's new in this release:

Long File Names:

I added support for long event file names. In the Save File dialog box there
is a check box called Long File Name. If checked, WQ will rename a 8.3 name
to a longer name. I choose the following format:

Where YY = two character year, MM = month, DD = day, HH = hour and MN =
ID = is the station ID and the file name always ends in .psn so that the PSN
format (old or new) can be associated with a view like WQ.

If you keep the Long File Name selected after closing the Save File dialog
box, WQ will also rename a 8.3 file to the long format if you add a report
from the main Open File Dialog box.

Multiple Event Reports:

The other day we had two local events within a few minutes of each other.
Since the new PSN Type 4 format can handle more then one event report in the
variable header section of the event file I added code to support this
feature. You maintain the list of events in the Event Information dialog
box. There you can add, replace or clear a report. You also use this dialog
box to select the event that WQ will use as the current report. Since WQ
only has one set of P and S markers you need to select the event that you
are interest in locating using the Locate P and S feature. If you add a new
report to an event file in the main open File dialog box, and if you already
have an event report in the file, you will be asked if you want to add or
replace the current report.

New Event Report Service:

I added support for a new Internet Event Report service at This is a composite list with
both small and large events for around the world.

GSE 2.0 Format:

This format is used by the AutoDRM systems on the Internet. Arie in
Australia has a good write-up on how to use the AutoDRM mail system to
receive event files over the Internet. See for more information.
Before WQ would only look at the first line of the event file looking for
the keyword "BEGIN GSE2.0". WQ now will read up to 80 lines looking for this
keyword and also the "CONTINUATION" keyword. If you receive a AutoDRM file
all you should need to do is save the file as a text file and point WQ to
the directory containing the new file. WQ should be able to find and display
the file name in the Open File dialog box.

SAC Binary bug fix:

I fixed a bug in how WQ would save SAC binary files. The file created by the
last beta release could not be read by the SAC program.

That's it. Please report any problems encountered with the new release or
the new setup program ASAP so I can finalize the release. Next up is
updating the documentation.....

Larry Cochrane
Redwood City, PSN


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