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Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 11:52:05 -0230

I don't have a number, but I believe that tens of thousands, (over
10,000 alone here in Gander, which has a population ~ 12,000), of
passengers have been stranded in Newfoundland alone.

Flights began to leave from here yesterday, but not necessarily toUS
destinations, the aircraft that were based in Europe were returning to
Europe and I believe aircraft belonging to US airlines will continue on
to the US, hopefully in a few days.

The volunteers I worked with have in no way felt imposed upon,
personally I have enjoyed our guests under these trying times.
Yesterday the 300 guests in our small college took up a collection,
gathered together, and presented it to my boss, the college director,
(to be set aside for a student scholarship in memory of the passengers
accommodated there).  As people spoke (there were multiple languages,
and nations represented) we could not keep back the tears as we
reflected on how this experience had changed us, how close we had
become, and how all of us who had started out as strangers were now
supporting each other as we would have our closest family members.

The only bitter experience, which left a bad taste in our mouths
happened last night.  Our group of passengers was bussed to the airport
where they were assembled.  They were told that they were all to board
the aircraft and that it was returning to Paris (not continuing on to
Newark).  With the doors open to the pouring rain outside, I was told
that passengers who refused to return to Paris (the airline would
accommodate regular passengers in hotels in Paris until they could be
flown to the US) were told they could refuse to board the aircraft but
would no longer receive help.  I believe I can speak for
Newfoundlanders, its not in there nature to leave anyone out in the
cold.  FWIW, some passengers did refuse to board the aircraft.


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