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Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 18:57:53 -0700


>Hi Larry
>I found this problems in the last version (2.8.1):

>REPORT. When I make manually a report on the event (with exactly and needed
>time, M etc.)and, at last, I add it to the file, after the "make" command,
WQ generates a
>complex error, showing a series of a unidentificated number and messages in
every boxes
>of the windows. I have to close the program and restart it. No problem with
internet report.

I did find a problem with the Event Dialog box that maybe the problem you
are reporting. I could get WQ too crash if I used the Make Event report and
then use the Add Event report in another event file Window.

>REPLAY. I use from some years a network configuration (Win95 for SDR 4.1
>and Win2000 in main system). Now, from some days, replay don't work
>When Sdr, on request,  creates the file, this message it's shown in the
>of the screen: "can't open file 010912....., in E:\sdr\events\0109"
>(< my directory in main system).

This works fine for me and I haven't received any other reports of a problem
with replay. All I can suggest you do is delete the file called replay.dat
and reenter your replay settings. Make sure you have the WinSDR mode turned

I will have a new beta release ready in a few days. I am now looking into
the map printing problem.

-Larry Cochrane
Redwood City, PSN


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