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Subject: Re: WinQuake printing problem
From: George Bush gbush@.......
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 10:16:32 -0700

At 02:28 PM 9/16/01 -0700, you wrote: 


Larry and others with the problem,


Is it just the map page that is not printing correctly?


-Larry Cochrane

Redwood City, PSN

Yes, I also have that problem currently, and it appeared with your
previous version of Winquake and my previous win 95 system with a HP
deskjet 500c printer. I still see the problem with win 98 on my new
pentium computer and a new HP deskjet 932c printer, so it seems to be
independant of hardware or of operating system. 

When I try to print I get a box that says- 


	An error has occurred in your program. To keep working anyway, click
	[Ignore] and save your work in a new file. To quit this program, click
	[Close]. You will lose information youentered since your last save." 

When I clicked [Close] I got a box that said- 


	Illegal operation and shutdown," 

which I presume is a general protection fault. If I don't print, but try
to save the map file I get the message- "Error making GIF image. Error:
Unsupported bits/pixel = 24."

I hope that this helps with your troubleshooting.


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