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Subject: New SDR Feature Request
From: "Ron Westfall" westfall@........
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 10:45:26 -0700


For the last week I have been tracking a swarm of earthquakes off the southwest British Columbia coast.  In some cases, the
earthquakes have occurred so close together that their traces overlap.  Most of these quakes are nearish the limit of my abilit
y to
detect, so when the traces overlap it is hard to detect the onset of the second quake.  I use times published by the USGS and t
Geological Survey of Canada and estimated travel times to help identify the onset of the second quake.

Larry, it would be easier to find onsets if the SDR Replay Mode window had a fixed ruler with tick marks every 1 second or some

other appropriate interval for the selected time coordinate scale.  The ruler doesn't need labels on the tick marks, just tick 
at an easy to figure out interval.  The ruler could be displayed in the same color as the Replay Mode heading (white by default
What do you think?  What does everybody else think?



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