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Subject: Re: New SDR Feature Request
From: Bill DiCarlo ka2qep@...........
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 19:02:06 -0400

Hello everyone,

I would like to see sdr view 2 channels at once, or alternate between
them. I wonder if that is possible? When I view 1 channel then check the
other, sometimes I lose the trace and I have to replay it. I would like
to be able to switch back and forth between channels and not lose the

Regards to all,

Bill DiCarlo

Ron Westfall wrote:
> Hi
> For the last week I have been tracking a swarm of earthquakes off the southwest British Columbia coast.  In some cases, the
> earthquakes have occurred so close together that their traces overlap.  Most of these quakes are nearish the limit of my abil
ity to
> detect, so when the traces overlap it is hard to detect the onset of the second quake.  I use times published by the USGS and
> Geological Survey of Canada and estimated travel times to help identify the onset of the second quake.
> Larry, it would be easier to find onsets if the SDR Replay Mode window had a fixed ruler with tick marks every 1 second or so
> other appropriate interval for the selected time coordinate scale.  The ruler doesn't need labels on the tick marks, just tic
k marks
> at an easy to figure out interval.  The ruler could be displayed in the same color as the Replay Mode heading (white by defau
> What do you think?  What does everybody else think?
> Ron
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