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Subject: Re: noise from aircraft question
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Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001 19:41:00 EDT

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<<     The airport is realitively close to the town, and that night the
 departing aircraft were flying over the town.  Some of the larger
 aircraft rattle the windows, and shake the house.  Is this type of
 vibration likely to be detected on a seismograph? >>

Hi Ron,

My experience living under planes taking off from busy Orlando, FL airport is 
it won't make a bit of difference. During the winter I live in Orlando and 
operate a vertical leaf spring seismometer with a 1 Hz low pass filter. Very 
little if any cultural noise got through the filter at another location about 
40 m from a busy highway with many big trucks. There I could see the highway 
noise on an oscilloscope before the filter but none of it got through the 1 
Hz low pass filter.

Good luck,

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