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Subject: Re: noise from aircraft question
From: Ron Thompson rlthompson@.................
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001 21:51:32 -0230


    When I get time again, (not likely to happen till spring), I'll see about
getting back to building a detector.  We get some rather large aircraft at times,
C5's, and Antonov 124's.


CapAAVSO@....... wrote:

> In a message dated 9/30/01 9:52:05 PM GMT Daylight Time,
> rlthompson@................. writes:
> <<     The airport is realitively close to the town, and that night the
>  departing aircraft were flying over the town.  Some of the larger
>  aircraft rattle the windows, and shake the house.  Is this type of
>  vibration likely to be detected on a seismograph? >>
> Hi Ron,
> My experience living under planes taking off from busy Orlando, FL airport is
> it won't make a bit of difference. During the winter I live in Orlando and
> operate a vertical leaf spring seismometer with a 1 Hz low pass filter. Very
> little if any cultural noise got through the filter at another location about
> 40 m from a busy highway with many big trucks. There I could see the highway
> noise on an oscilloscope before the filter but none of it got through the 1
> Hz low pass filter.
> Good luck,
> Cap
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