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Subject: Re: ADXL202
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Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2001 15:11:05 -0700

Hi Angel,

The new chips are based on the same technology as the original ADX05 sensor.
These devices are too noisy for general seismology. Since their dynamic
range is pretty poor they could only be used as a very strong motion sensor.

I am looking into making a sensor based on another type of accelerometer
chip made by  Measurement Specialties Inc. Here is a link to the sensor I currently
have one on-line, the sensor ID is *.lctsn.psn. So far I have recorded two
small events with the new sensor. The first was a Md2.5. Here's a link to
the PSN file:
The second event was a Ml3.1 both where 34km from me. The sensor recorded
the second event very nicely. Here's a link to the PSN file: I currently have
the gain between the sensor and the A/D board set to +- 0.1 g max. By having
two outputs per axis one could have a strong motion (+- 2.0 g ) channel
with and a high gain channel for monitoring smaller events.

The problem is the cost of the sensor chip is rather high at $195.00 each.
The price goes down to $114.00 in quantities of 25. Digi-Key is now selling
them, but they are out of stock because I just purchased the last 8 devices
they had in-stock.

-Larry Cochrane
Redwood City, PSN

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Subject: ADXL202

> Hello Larry,
> I can't post to the list when I travel because my isp in Panama will
> relay and the list does not accept mail from this email address.
> Has there been any revisiting of using some of Analog Devices new
> chips.  Check out this page
> I am now in my "vacation" time and only check mail now and then.
> Best regards,
>  angel


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