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Subject: Publication on the Web
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Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 11:09:55 EST

Hello everyone,

While doing a Web search I came across a paper containing information that 
may be of interest to some of you, titled "Instrumentation in Earthquake 
Seismology", written by Jens Havskov and Gerardo Alguacil. Its a large 3.6 
meg PDF file, 264 pages in length, which will take some time to download, but 
worth it if you save it to your hard disk. It expands on the papers by Prof. 
Erhard Wielandt (titled "Seismometry" and "Seismic Sensors and Their 
Calibration"). The new document pulls together material from several 
resources, including Wielandt's papers. The paper is a preliminary release, 
you will find some typing and grammar errors. Go to:

It may be worthy enough to have a link to it on Larry's Web site. Any 


Allan Coleman


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