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Subject: Re: WinSDR beta testers needed
From: "Mauro Mariotti" mariottim@............
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 15:46:51 +0100

if you give us the protocol of data transfer someone could
use a software that randomly generate data to test winsdr.
I could apply it for my serial card and test it.
I collected a bit of experience in serial comm and seismic recording
feel free to use my support.
Unfortunately at moment i have no isa card here to use like you suggest.


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From: "Larry Cochrane" 
Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2001 7:03 AM
Subject: WinSDR beta testers needed

> All,
> I'm looking for a few beta testers to test my new WinSDR program. WinSDR
> a Windows based datalogger based on my SDR program. To run WinSDR you will
> need two computers. Unfortunately it is not practical to write a device
> driver for my ISA A/D card and still keep all of the functionality of SDR.
> One computer would run a new version of SDR that only collects the data
> the A/D board, buffers and formats the data into packets and then sends
> packet out the serial port once a second. This program is called SDR
> (the actual exe name is sdrservr.exe) and it must run under DOS. It has no
> user interface nor does it display any data, just some status information
> that you know its working correctly.
> Recently I tried a free version of DOS called OpenDOS.  You can download
> here It's working fine
> with SDR Server and I assume it would also work with SDR. Since SDR Server
> does not save any data except for a small ini file, you can create a DOS
> OpenDOS floppy boot disk and run SDR Server for a floppy.
> WinSDR runs under Windows and uses one of the system's comm ports to
> communicate to SDR Server or a new standalone A/D board that I am now
> to sell. I don't have a web page setup for it yet but I do have a picture
> it here I designed this
> so new users won't need to run two computer systems. The board has a 16
> A/D chip and a microprocessor board on it made by Z-World. More info on
> module I am using can be found here
> The model number is
> RCM2020.
> WinSDR currently has two windows. One is the main real-time display. This
> window looks more or less like the main display in SDR. The other window
> used to replay and extract event files from the daily record files similar
> to replaying data in SDR.
> If you would like to be a beta tester please send me email and I will send
> you a copy of WinSDR and SDR Server. I will also place you on a WinSDR
> tester mailing list. Since at this point I have no documentation on WinSDR
> will use this list to explain the features in WinSDR etc. Beta testers can
> use this mailing list to report bugs and ask questions related to WinSDR.
> Regards,
> Larry Cochrane
> Redwood City, PSN
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