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From: David Findlay david_j_findlay@............
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 11:40:32 +1000

I haven't received the welcome message yet, but I'll assume this is working. 
I'm in Brisbane Australia, and looking at building a Lehmann sensor because 
it looks pretty easy to build. 

I live about 400km from an tremor prone area, Bundaberg - Harvey Bay, the 
most active in Australia according to a documentary I saw. I'd like to be 
able to pick up stuff in that area, as well as around the rest of the world. 
I was going to use timber to build my Lehmann unit with a dowel for the boom 
and fishing line for the suspension of the boom. It will use a very strong 
magnet for the pickup coil, and magnet horizontal damping at the end. I'll 
likely align it north - south to pickup quakes in the region of interest. The 
earthquakes around there are usually not what anyone really feels, but some 
people occasionally do though. It will be in a small enclosure in the ground, 
mounted on buried concrete besser blocks to hold it stable. The amp will be 
in the pit, and then I'll have a cable running back to my house to where the 
logging computer will be. 

Is there anything I haven't thought of, and will this be able to do what I'm 
interested in? In any case it will be a good easy one to start with. What 
length pendulum should I use? Thanks,



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