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Subject: RE: Oncore gps question
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Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 13:10:35 -0800

Thanks George, that's what I needed to do--
What software are you using? I found a WinOncore which has all the basic 
functions in it.  I was wondering if there was a mapping package that works 
with this receiver?

Steve Hammond PSN Aptos, CA

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	I just got mine working a few months ago. At first I was unsuccessful, but
it turned out that was because I was trying it inside my house (I
incorrectly assumed that it would get something). After trying various
things, I got a long extension cord and carried the computer and gps system
outside where it worked perfectly. My computer/seismic installation didn't
allow me to mount the antenna where it could see a large percent of the sky
(using a standard serial cable, I could not even get the antenna out a
window. I finally wired-up a 25' serial cable and mounted the antenna
outside a second story window with the gps box just inside the window and
all has been working since. I investigated getting an antenna wire
extension, but it seems that the signal is attenuated very quickly (1/2 or
3db per two meters of cable).

	You might want to start by moving the system outside temporairly to get a
clear sky access, to see it it works.

At 09:45 AM 1/2/02 -0800, you wrote:
>I finally got back to playing with the Oncore GPS after many months and
>have not been able to get it going. I plugged in the antenna and placed it 
>largest flat-side down, connected a 12v bat to the GND and +Pwr term, the
>red light blinks, that's about it. I loaded the GPS DOS version Bob Smith
>described many months ago to the PSN and can obtain the vital product data 
>from the device but it never finds a sender. I also put the device out 
>in the open and got the same results.
>Could somebody give me the basics of operation and refer me to any other
>software to drive the device?
>Regards, Steve Hammond


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