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Subject: MAPS for Motorola GPS
From: Stephen & Kathy skmort@..........
Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2002 14:13:24 -0800

FYI,  The question was asked about mapping software for the Motorola GPS!
I got around to trying my Motorola GPS with my Street Atlas 7.0 and it works, if
you put the GPS in NMEA mode!!   I don't have a portable set up, but it should
work just fine.    It did put a dot on the SA map, of my GPS location and all of
the SA  GPS whizz bangs and buttons seem to work,,,   i.e.   sky map of sat
positions,  signal strength, direction of travel compass, mph, lat/long, etc.
I did notice that the elevation is off (short) by about 90 feet,,   which if I
factor in the geoid 99 height, brings it up to the correct elevation,,,,,
welcome to gps ellipsoidal height = h,   geoid height = N   and orthometric height
= H!!   Their relation ship is:
h = H + N     or to find my, related to sea level, height;    H = h - N
For my location, geoid height = -28 meter, = approx. -92 feet,,,,,,      minus a
minus  tells me to add 92 feet to my gps reading.   Your welcome to double check
my math!
The GPS reading ranges around 850 feet,,   my GPS is physically at approx. 945
feet,, as near as I can guess, from my topo map.
  38.828N  120.979W


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