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Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2002 23:06:35 -0800

Hi Randy, the subnet mask is used to identify which part of the IP address 
is the network address and what part is the host address. When a bit is set 
to one, it is considered to be part of the of the network address and when 
it is set to zero it is considered to be part of the host address. The 
exception to this is documented in RFC 950 which describes a standard 
procedure for subnetting using unused bits that had been part of the host 
address ( and were always set to zero and unused). The subnets you posted, 
1111 0001 0010 0011  and 1111 0011 0010 0001 are uncommon however they 
could be utilized for a specific TCP application that depends on subnetting 
via the subnet mask. While I agree, the most common subnet mask is 255 255 
255 0 ( or 1111 1111 1111 0000 ), one needs to ask, are you running an 
application that utilizes some form of subnetting via the subnet mask? If 
the answer is no, then based on your current IP network address, the most 
common subnet mask would be 255 255 255 0 because the high order bits are 
or'ed together to form the mask for the network address meaning it's best 
to keep them contiguous.
Regards, Steve Hammond PSN Aptos, CA

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Hi All,

Due to all the help and interest I'll come back to the list.

Thanks Richard for the tip on IPX and NETBIOS.  I have never seen the other 
computers in Network Neighborhood and now I do.  IPX was already installed 
but not netbios.  I encountered a missing file nwnblink.vxd as I selected 
the netbios on the 98 machine.  I'll have to locate this file.

Also thanks to Rob and Karl for tips.

Results are still no connection.  I'll summarize for all interested.  (2 

98 Machine  IP                          95 machine  IP
Shows both in network neighborhhod                    Shows both in network 
Ping to 95 machine OK                                        Ping to 98 
machine OK
Telnet fails to port 5900              Telnet Fails to port 5900
run server with password set                                run veiwer to
   get dial up connection window and close it
   get connect failed

hover over VNC icon and see correct IP as set         Try to connect from 
IE Explorer by entering
   get dial up window then connect failed

I also have set subnet mask of on 95 machine and on 98 

I think the problem is in the dial up connection always taking over any 
attempt to connect.


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