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Subject: Re: Re[2]: VNC
From: twleiper@........
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2002 09:59:31 -0500

On Mon, 7 Jan 2002 20:51:37 -0800 "Barry"  writes:
> Angel
>     Thanks. I guess when I try to run VNC it may be apparent.

It may not. The older Windows network setup often only utilized
Netbeui and IPX. Check in your network setup and make sure
you are running the TCP/IP protocol. You can run it in addition
to the others. If you have a computer connected to a router or
cable modem, and it has "Server assigned" or "automatic" for
the IP settings, you will have to add another network adapter
to connect on your local LAN, since the WEB connection IP
settings could change from time to time. If you have no IP set
up on your LAN, there are published standards available on the
WEB for various IP schemes for private and public networks.
One range recommended for private LAN use is,
and the "xxx" can be any value between 0 and 255. So you can
set your LAN up with your WEB computer at and
the others at,, etc. If you do have a
WEB connected computer, you can share that connection with
the other computers on the LAN. The easiest way is to run
Windows ME on that computer, which has internet connection
sharing built in, and a nice set-up utility that makes it easy to
set up your other computers to share the connection.


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