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Subject: Re: web site question
From: The Lahrs johnjan@........
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 21:54:51 -0700

I think that the FAQ page on Larry's site should be updated.
In particular it states, in part,

No one seems to know if the Lehman(n) sensor is named after the
author, James D. Lehman, or the famed Danish seismologist, Inge Lehmann,
who published a paper in 1936, that postulated that the earth held an
inner core estimated to be about the size of our moon within the outer
core. If someone has some information on this please forward it to me
so I can include it in the next update of the FAQ.
Ken Navarre 

We now know that the Lehman is named for James D. Lehman.

I asked Larry about this and he doesn't have time to keep the FAQ
up to date.  Ken, do you want to take a crack at it again?  Someone else?

Larry's site has a lot of information on Lehman and other instruments,
so perhaps the FAQ page isn't necessary.  He has the original
Amateur Scientist article of July 1979:,
links to other sites that have design modifications, etc.


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