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Subject: Re: unusual Jan 12 quake near Bermuda?
From: RLLaney@.......
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 11:36:08 EST

In a message dated 1/16/02 3:59:45 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
DSaum@............ writes:

<< This quake delivered a lot of seismic energy at high
 frequencies to the east coast of the US. >>


Just a comment on the high frequencies.  I don't think it is that unusual to 
have the energy in the higher frequencies.  I looked at some of the events I 
have collected over the past few years in the general distance range of the 
one near Bermuda and most have most of the energy above 1 hertz or so.  The 
one from the Virgin Islands on January 15, 2002 at 09:13:14 UTC is a good 



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