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Subject: RE: Netscape 6.2 not too great?
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Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2002 20:21:23 -0800


The IETF ( defines many of the standards that govern the
behaviour of the Internet.  The format of URLs is defined by the standard
known as RFC 2396.  RFC 2396 indicates that URLs such as http:/quakes
were allowed by an earlier version of the same standard (RFC 1630), but
they have since been recognized to cause problems in some situations (not
related to web URLs).  For this reason, such URLs are deprecated in favour
of the preferred form /quakes.  RFC 2396 further indicates that software
which supports URLs may choose to correct the deprecated form by inserting
the host name, but the software does not have to.

Obviously the other browsers have chosen to correct the problem.  Netscape
6.2 should be more tolerant and correct the problem as well, but strictly
speaking, it is adhering to the standard.


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> At 05:16 PM 2/1/02, Bob Barns wrote:
> >Hi gang,
> >   About Netscape 6.2:
> >   I had a major problem with the conversion of my cable service from
> >excite to comcast.  I installed the stuff from a cd-rom sent by
> >comcast.  This made a mess of my computer which I could not fix.
> >   It installed IE properly but  Netscape wouldn't work and I use the
> >mail handler in Netscape.  I finally discovered (in Netscape's
> >web site) an ad for an outfit called
> >   They claim to solve any problem with well-known software for 30 bucks
> >and that sounded cheap at the price considering all the time I had
> >spent.  So I signed up with them and sure enough they solved the problem
> >in about 30 mins.
> > connected me to an >employee of Netscape<.  He
> >downloaded a program to my computer which allowed him to operate it
> >exactly as if he were sitting in my chair--he saw my screens and the
> >mouse worked, etc.  It was very entertaining.
> >   He installed Netscape 4.79 and said that >he preferred it to 6.2 >I did not ask why.
> >   Bob
> We will probably get told that this is off topic and shouldn't be on this 
> mailing list, but I felt that I needed to add my 2 cents worth.
> I converted from having excite also, but had no problems.  I have found 
> that I need 3 different browsers.  I used to use Netscape 4.7 but found 
> that there were some web sites that had links or features that I could not 
> use.  So, I got Netscape 6.2.  The unfortunate truth is that I have found 
> that I need THREE browsers (Netscape 4.7, 6.2, and Internet Explorer) to do 
> ALL of the functions I run into.
> "JD" Cooley
> Poway, California
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