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Subject: Re: New WinQuake and Current Seismicity Images
From: johnc c cole johnccole1@........
Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002 21:05:01 -0600

    I am doing some preliminary construction work on a design submitted
to me by Al Hrubetz of Dallas, Texas. Al is a member of our group. We
have worked together on other coil and seismometer designs in the past
and continue to do so. This particular design is a radical departure from
anything i am aware of that is being used by the amateur fraternity and
the development is still in a very early experimental stage. For this
reason and because we are still working on the prototype , it is too
early to  pass on any information at this point in time since our work is
in flux. In fact , I made some construction changes only last week based
on some design modifications . I will make postings as the work
progresses , if the seismogram seem appropriate to post . We would
appreciate any comments on these postings .
    The gain was set at a minimum on Larry's board . I reduced the gain
even more using Larry's instructions . Take care . JC
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