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Subject: Re: History of Redwood City
From: John Hernlund hernlund@............
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2002 14:46:22 -0800

Thanks for that story Larry.  I've heard the same concerning Los Angeles,
especially with respect to the Chinese immigrant community which was not
welcome in San Fran after the EQ of 1906.  Instead they went to the budding
town of Los Angeles and set up a community near Olvera street, where historians
say LA first began as a primarily hispanic settlement.  Now, of course, LA is
the second largest city in the US, and is still a favorite place for immigrants
to settle down after being displaced from other parts of the country/world.  At
any rate, it is amazing to think that if not for that quake in 1906, the
demographics of CA might have ended up quite different from the current

Larry Cochrane wrote:

> All,
> I found this interesting paragraph while reading over the history of RWC.
> >From the page on
> wc_history.html
> "The San Francisco earthquake of 1906 displaced thousands of people, and
> Redwood City welcomed them with open arms. Real estate companies sprang up
> overnight, much like the shipping industry had fifty years before. Many of
> the large estates west of El Camino were subdivided and homes were
> constructed on smaller lots."


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