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Subject: RE: New Utility Software
From: steve hammond shammon1@.............
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 10:57:43 -0800

Wow Arie, that's a nice software program.

The reports are really well formatted and informative. FYI-- I'm using 
Ted's EMON software to capture data and Winquake to maintain the database. 
I'm able to generate the GIF for each dataset, however the drum report does 
not seem to work. My question is, is this the expected behavior because I'm 
not using Larry's SDR software?  I also received a message about the HTML 
header and footer info not found, so I set the HTML_File_Generation = 0 as 
the message suggested. What HTML is the message talking about?  Also, one 
minor usability issue. The next time you update the RECENT user manual 
(nice work--- ) you might want to add page numbering. I dropped it coming 
out of the printer and think I have it in the correct order...

Really a cool program-- Thanks.

Steve Hammond PSN Aptos, California

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Subject:	New Utility Software

Hi All, This may be of interest. Lately, I've written a program that

produces "GIF" image report files from PSN or "Seisan" data. Though,

it may have a limited use you may wish to download it from my web site.

Please read the documentation that goes with the program.

The program reads PSN and SEISAN input files and produces:

Event Image Report

Drum Image Report

Power Spectrum Report

File conversions

Audio file generation

Digital Filtering

HTML Report web page Generation

also it:

 Reads PSN Format type 3 or 4

 Reads SEISAN "WAV" format of SUN, LINUX or PC

 WinSDR Compatible

 has Debug messages

 has documentation


and click the [N} button for one output form, assuming

an seismic event occurred. The [Au4] spectrum and any

other button, shows the other type's of reports. You can

also generate audio files with some types of reports.

Have fun after you read the manual!



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