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Subject: Re: New Utility Software
From: Arie Verveer ajbv@............
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 16:23:02 +0800

Hi Steve, The easy bit, When the "HTML_File_Generation = 1"
switch is set to On (1) then the program looks in the "HTML_Input_Dir"
dirctory for two files called "Footer.txt" and "Header.txt".
These are acctually one HTML document brocken in two. What happens;
it places the newly generated links for your seismic events between
two parts. Anyhow just place the two files supplied with the program in
a valid directory point the switch "HTML_Input_Dir" to that directory.
Say I had these files in D:\Gif\ then the switch becomes. HTML_Input_Dir = D:\Gif\
The good bit, is you can make your own HTML document, then split it in two
bits and call them Header.txt and Footer.txt and bingo a customised Web page.

Also it would be good in the testing stage to set these swiches Off.
HTML_Num_Events = 2 (ON) *HTML_Num_Events = 2 (OFF)
Max_Time_Hours = 6  (ON) *Max_Time_Hours = 6  (OFF)

I'm not sure about using Ted's EMON program, The utility program "PsnDrum"
is used to request regular event files from Larry's SDR software. These are
then used to generate the "drum" output. If you can send EMON a request to
generate data for a start time and a duration then I could write some code
to create these regular seismic files, and thus generate a "Drum" output
or a Power Spectrum. Just drop me a line if you think EMON can accept an
external request. You could request, say 12 two hours seismic files and
place them in a folder and then run the drum option. For a test.

Good idea about the page numbering, i'll fix that.



steve hammond wrote:

> The reports are really well formatted and informative. FYI-- I'm using
> Ted's EMON software to capture data and Winquake to maintain the database.
> I'm able to generate the GIF for each dataset, however the drum report does
> not seem to work. My question is, is this the expected behavior because I'm
> not using Larry's SDR software?  I also received a message about the HTML
> header and footer info not found, so I set the HTML_File_Generation = 0 as
> the message suggested. What HTML is the message talking about?  Also, one
> minor usability issue. The next time you update the RECENT user manual
> (nice work--- ) you might want to add page numbering. I dropped it coming
> out of the printer and think I have it in the correct order...

> -----Original Message-----
> Hi All, This may be of interest. Lately, I've written a program that
> produces "GIF" image report files from PSN or "Seisan" data. Though,
> it may have a limited use you may wish to download it from my web site.
> Please read the documentation that goes with the program.
> The program reads PSN and SEISAN input files and produces:
>  Event Image Report
> Drum Image Report
> Power Spectrum Report
> File conversions
> Audio file generation
> Digital Filtering
> HTML Report web page Generation
> also it:
>  Reads PSN Format type 3 or 4
>  Reads SEISAN "WAV" format of SUN, LINUX or PC
>  WinSDR Compatible
>  has Debug messages
>  has documentation
> See:
> and click the [N} button for one output form, assuming
> an seismic event occurred. The [Au4] spectrum and any
> other button, shows the other type's of reports. You can
> also generate audio files with some types of reports.
> Have fun after you read the manual!

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