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Subject: Re: AD
From: Gary Thurmond w6str@.......
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 08:25:03 -0800

Check out the B & B Electronics
232SDA12   RS-232 Data Acquisition Module w/11 12 bit A/D.   $59.95
Manual and specs on line at -

I have used many of them in different projects at MBARI and they have
been very adequate.
The included example software makes it easy to do your own Quick Basic
program. C and Pascal examples also included.
Sampling rate is aprox 120/sec for one channel down to 25/sec for all 11
channels. Also has three bits digital input and output.
I'll be using one with my vertical seismometer to collect it's output
and enviormental data until I buy one of Larry's.

Best Regards,

Gary Thurmond

The Lahrs wrote:

> I would like to find a source for an AD to replace the DATAQ
> DI 151RS that is not made any longer!  At $99 this AD was
> a reasonable deal.  At $150 their new AD is not.
> Specifications needed:
> sample rate:  1 to 240 Hz
> AD sensitivity:  12 bit, +/- 10 Volt maximum
> output: connect to serial port of PC
> power: from PC serial port
> price: $99 maximum ($50 preferred!)
> It seems that this should be possible with relatively few
> components, as AD's are getting ever more integrated.
> If nothing is available commercially, then a
> design for such an AD would be second choice.
> John
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