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Subject: Re: AD
From: "Randall Pratt" randallpratts@..........
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 12:30:18 -0600


Check into the MAX 186 or 188 AD chips.  I don't know cost right now.  They
are 12 bit and you can easily connect to the parallel port for input.  I am
using one and I get +5 volts and Gnd from a game port on the back of the
machine.  I have also seen some schematics for a couple of newer chips from
MAX that look even easier to implement.  I'll have to search for their web
site and more details.  Also search on "Sky and Telescope" which is where I
found the original info.


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From: "The Lahrs" 
Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2002 9:27 PM
Subject: AD

> I would like to find a source for an AD to replace the DATAQ
> DI 151RS that is not made any longer!  At $99 this AD was
> a reasonable deal.  At $150 their new AD is not.
> Specifications needed:
> sample rate:  1 to 240 Hz
> AD sensitivity:  12 bit, +/- 10 Volt maximum
> output: connect to serial port of PC
> power: from PC serial port
> price: $99 maximum ($50 preferred!)
> It seems that this should be possible with relatively few
> components, as AD's are getting ever more integrated.
> If nothing is available commercially, then a
> design for such an AD would be second choice.
> John
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