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Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 21:41:15 -0500

This recently received email on volcanos may be of interest to some PSN
folks.  Since plate tectonics are the source of not only earthquakes, but
also volcanos, there is a lot of overlap in the two fields.  The second web
site, How Volcanos Works, has several sites with graphics that also covers
earthquakes, and also good representation of various faults, and how they
slip.  The first web site, on volcanic lakes was also of interest.


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Subject: volcano websites

Here are announcements for several new websites that may be of interest to
volcano subscribers:

1. IAVCEI Commission on Volcanic Lakes
2. How Volcanoes Work
3. Montreal website on volcanoes (in French)
4. language translation

IAVCEI Commission Volcanic Lakes
From: Alain Bernard 

Dear Volcanophiles,

The official web site of the IAVCEI Commission of Volcanic lakes is now
open at:

Alain BERNARD (abernard@..........
Universite Libre de Bruxelles

How Volcanoes Work website
From: Vic Camp 

For those that may not be familiar with the 'How Volcanoes Work' website,
it is a comprehensive educational resource on volcanoes and volcanic
processes, geared toward undergraduate and graduate education.  The URL is:

Dr. Vic Camp
Department of Geological Sciences
San Diego State University
San Diego, CA 92182


New Web Site from Montreal
From: "Hélène Gaonac'h" 

Dear colleagues,

I would like to announce the creation of a new web site about volcanoes and
their current activities; it has been on line since February 15 2002.  It
is in French and is prepared for a general audience.  Hence, you may surf
in depth or not depending on your interest and basic knowledge.  Every
month we give information on two distinct volcanic activities or related
subjects including internet-links for more details. We want it to be as
interactive as possible via paintings, drawings, and soon stories provided
by the public.

The site is based on the fictional character Vicki Volka who is a dynamic
young girl who leaves in Montreal and is very curious about volcanoes
around the world.

The site is supported by the Université du Québec à Montréal and the
research center GEOTOP, as we would like to better strengthen the
relationships between the academic research community and the public.

If you want to know more about it, click on:
Or you may give this address to young people or older ones around you.

Hélène Gaonac'h

Translation Website
From: Dan Shackelford 

I just stumbled across the following URL that will translate web pages from
one language to another. The reason I mention it, it seems to produce a
more readable "machine translation" than other sites I use. Since some of
those neat volcano sites I visit are not in English, a web site that
translates for me is a useful item. On the theory that others of you on the
mailing list might like that capability as well, take a look at:

Hope this helps,


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