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Subject: Re: Sean-Thomas Morrissey
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Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 17:00:21 EST

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<< "" wrote:
 > Larry etal;
 >   What can we do to help out in this situation? I have no facilities but
 > am blessed with a few dollars....and maybe a bit of common sense.....What
 > would you suggest for us to do?
 > Bob Shannon Pinpoint >>
Sean - Thomas posted many long letters that answered questions about 
seismographs and seismology that were asked on PSN. He was an expert who 
could explain things in a way I found very interesting and useful. If Bob 
Shannon would publish the Sean - Thomas letters (with the questions they 
answered) in hard copy I would like to buy a copy and probably others would 
too. This would be a nice way to remember Sean - Thomas that I believe he 
would appreciate.   

Best regards,
(Casper Hossfield)

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