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Subject: New release of WinQuake
From: "Larry Cochrane" cochrane@..............
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002 16:04:04 -0700

Hi All,

I have a new release of WinQuake available on my web site. You can download
it from here The version number is
2.8.8. The main reason for this release is to sync up the documentation with
the program. Over the last year I have made several changes to the software
without updating the documentation. I now have the documentation up to date.
You can view it online here
or on your computer after installing the new release.

Besides updating the documentation I fixed a few bugs and made a few
improvements. You can now have the program associate the file type of .psn
to WinQuake. By associating the file extension of .psn to WinQuake, whenever
you click on a file or web link ending in .psn, WinQuake will be opened and
the event file displayed in the event window. The first time you start this
version you will be asked if you want to associate the .psn file type. If
you answer no you can do it at a later time by using the File / Associate
PSN File menu items. This menu item will be disable if the association
information in the system registry is up to date.

One other change I made is in the Time Domain filtering dialog box. You can
now select both the highpass and lowpass filter check boxes. By checking
both you will essentially be doing a bandpass filter.

The one bug I remember fixing is in the event window code. The program would
hang if this window was made very small.

Thanks it...

-Larry Cochrane
Redwood City, PSN


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