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Subject: Re: Filter/Amplifier
From: "Randall Pratt" randallpratts@..........
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002 16:45:22 -0500


Thanks for help.  I was quite certain it was in the final OP27 stage of the
circuit you referenced.  I started resoldering and found the connection to
pin 6 to be the culprit.  I don't have all back together but the last 2
stages and the AD are running fairly quietly now for a couple of hours.

While on the noise subject, I have readings up to about 15 counts from just
the LF353 and the last OP27 with a jumper across the input in front of the 3
pole filter.  With the OP27 removed the AD sits at a steady 2.  Is this
about what I should experience?  I have a 5K pot for gain set about half or
a little more.  The noise doesn't seem to have a particular frequency on the


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From: "steve hammond" 
Sent: Sunday, April 14, 2002 12:31 PM
Subject: RE: Filter/Amplifier

>  are you talking about the amp
> the bottom of this page or like this one this is the steps I follow? Check
> the seismograph for spider webs. Check the connections for dampness and
> clip


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