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Subject: Re: Questions on VAN
From: Bob Fryer bfryer@............
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 10:10:07 -0700

Hello Mike,

What book is that?

I'm not aware of anyone using the VAN method in the USA, however they 
are working with it in Japan and China.

The ELFrad Group here is getting some interesting signals.

Some private researchers here are using a simple volttage tester 
hooked to two electrodes buried in the ground to measure earth 
currents.  One, in the San Andreas Rift Zone of NE L.A. county is 
getting some interesting readings that appear to be precursors.  The 
voltage drops to zero briefly, several times over a period of five or 
so minutes.  I can send you a description of at least one such 
incident.  Also, I was there and witnessed it once myself, about two 
years ago. [Note: Since there is no recording system, it is out in 
the yard in a weatherproof box, and it has been witnessed perhaps 
half a dozen or more times over about six years, it must happen 
fairly frequently.]

The set-up is described on page 125 of "When The Snakes Awake" by 
Prof Helmut Tributsch, MIT Press, 1982.  If you don't have the book, 
I can send you the relevent text by private E-mail.

There may still be a website available showing materials used, etc.

Somewhere I have a reference to a similar voltage drop recorded by 
scientists in Southern Calif.

Bob Fryer,
Beaverton, Oregon

>I've been reading a very interesting book on e-quake prediction based on the
>VAN method of detecting precursor signals, they apparently use a fairly
>simple system connected to voltage amplifiers much like the type we employ
>for lehman's etc.  Does anyone know of  success in the states w/ this?  Tnx,
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