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Subject: Re: Questions on VAN (reply to Bob )
From: Bob Fryer bfryer@............
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 00:46:47 -0700

Hello Mike, Erich,

Yes, that is a good book for what it covers.

That and many more are covered in the various "Resources" on my 
website (see below).

Erich, I have many of the items -- except the most recent ones.  Lots 
of time copying articles at university libraries.

If we want to continue this, it should probably be by private E-mail.

Take care,
Bob Fryer

>Hi Bob,  The book is  "Earthquake Prediction"  by Haroun Tazieff.  Very well
>written. However it is sparse on the actual layout of sensors and
>amplification required.  It contains a fascinating theory of why it works so
>well also.  They claim 90% success for regions that have been "calibrated", 
>that is, one or more seismic signals have been received that indicate how a
>region "responds"  These fellows have been around and have been having
>success in several European countries since about the mid '80s.  Sure would
>like to give it a try.  In WA  there are several regions that are regularly
>active.  Mike.

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