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Subject: Event File Mailer Program and new WinQuake and WinSDR releases
From: "Larry Cochrane" cochrane@..............
Date: Sun, 12 May 2002 19:12:55 -0700


This is the first of two emails I am sending to both the PSN-L list and the
WinSDR mailing lists. Sorry if you receive them two times....

I have a new program available for PSN stations to use. The program is
called Event File Mailer (EFM), and as the name suggests, it emails event
files to users. Here's now it works. At the PSN station the operator must
run the new version of WinSDR and the EFM program and end users will need to
install the new version of WinQuake. The new version of WinQuake as a new
Event File Request dialog. In this dialog box the user can select one or
more stations and for each station one or more sensor channels. After
filling out the request form and pressing the Send Request button, WinQuake
will send an email request to the selected PSN stations. At the PSN station
the EFM program monitors a email POP account for incoming request messages.
When one is found EFM creates a event file request file that WinSDR uses to
create event files. Once WinSDR creates the event files, EFM sends back an
email message to the user with the event file(s) attached with the message.
End users uses their regular email program like Outlook Express or Eudora to
receive the files. WinQuake does not directly receive the files from EFM. If
you associate the .psn file with WinQuake all you should need to do is click
on the attachment and WinQuake will be opened to display the new file.

Here are the download links to the new programs:

The new version of WinSDR can be downloaded here I don't have a web page ready for EFM and
all of the information for this program is documented below. You can
download the EFM setup program here The new version of WinQuake
can be downloaded here While you are on
that page you should also download the "Current PSN Station Remote Event
File Request Database file".

Below is additional information on WinQuake. Changes to WinSDR and
information on how to use EFM will be documented in my next email message.

In WinQuake the only other thing new with the program, other then the Remote
Event File request feature, is the main Open File dialog box now moves with
the WinQuake window. I have documentation on how to use the Remote Event
File dialog box. You can open the documentation by pressing the Help button
in the Remote Event File Request dialog box. The Remote Event File Request
dialog box is opened from the main Open File dialog box. There you will see
the new "Remote" button.

There are several things you need to do in WinQuake before you can use this
feature. First you need to create a file called remote.dat in the root
WinQuake directory. WinQuake will do this for you. This file contains all of
the stations and channels that can be accessed using this feature. First
download the file here Unzip the file and note
the where the RemoteStations.txt file is located. Now open WinQuake and
press the Remote button in the Open File dialog box. Now press the "Load
Station File" button and use the Windows File Open dialog box to locate and
open the RemoteStations.txt file. You should now see one or more stations in
the Remote Station list box.

Before you can send an email request using WinQuake, you need to fill in the
User Information Group box and SMTP authentication information if the SMTP
server you are using requires authentication. See the help documentation for
more information on all of these fields.

Next you need to get the channel list for each PSN station. Besides event
files, EFM will send back an email message with a list of sensor channels.
In the Remote Station list box, select one or more stations and then check
the "Get Station Information" check box and press the Send Request button.
Within a few minutes you should receive an email message from the PSN
station. In the email message is the station's channel(s) information. The
message should be saved as a text file. Use the Save As menu items in your
email program to do this. Now in WinQuake select the station in the Remote
Station list box and then press the Add button. In the Station Information
dialog box you will see a "Load File" button. Press this button and use the
File Open dialog box to locate and open the station channel file you saved
from the email message you received from the station. Now close the Station
Information dialog box.

You are now ready to request event files for the PSN station. One or more
email messages will be sent out to all selected Remote Station. Only the
channels selected in the Channel list box will be requested. Again, for more
info see the help documentation.

That's it for WinQuake. I will be sending out another email message
documenting the changes to WinSDR and how to use the new EFM program.

Larry Cochrane
Redwood City, PSN


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