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Subject: Placer 400 questions...
From: Andrew Williss bigwill@................
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 21:26:54 +0930

Hello to all on this list...
I have aquired a Placer 400 gps unit as a surplus item, 
and I'm trying to get the thing talking to the computer...
if I plug it into a serial port and run a terminal program, I
can see the unit putting out data, but it is garbage.
changing the baud rate, number of stop bits, parity and flow control paramaters
changes the length of the garbled info, but doesn't fix the problem.
I'm assuming I should get a sentence of data with a time and date, plus
the position...

Does anyone know what sort of data comes out the serial port of this unit?
Is it plain 'ol serial data (i.e. 9600 baud 8N1)?

Or am I dealing with a proprietry data format and I need a special program?

I see back in '99 a few posts were made on this list in regard to this unit and a couple mention 
a GPSSK.EXE program.

Do I need this file to make the unit work?
I have tried the trimble website but the model is no longer listed on the site and I can't find a 
reference to the GPSSK.EXE file...

Can anyone help?
I would like to hear from you!

Andrew Williss - VK5LA
Winkie, South Australia


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