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Subject: Re: Placer 400
From: Tobin Fricke tobin@.......
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 12:34:47 +0200 (CEST)

On Thu, 16 May 2002, Andrew Williss wrote:

> >        I do not have a copy. Try entering GPSSK.EXE into
> That's the first thing I did...all the hits refer to this mailing list!!!=
> Does anyone on the list have a copy of the program that they could perhap=
s email to me?
> I would gladly send them something in return... maybe something uniquely =

It appears that the Placer-400 is manufactured by Trimble Navigation, a
well-known GPS manufacturer.

| Trimble Placer-400 Trimble Navigation, Sunnyvale, CA
| The Trimble Placer-400 is essentially an Sveesix core module in a
| standard enclosure with a serial and power connector. The Placer-400 is c=
| with the Trimble ASCII Interface Protocol (TAIP) , which is designed for
| AVL applications. The Placer is available in both differential and
| non-differential models.

Does your GPS say "Trimble" on it anywhere?  Or, for that matter,
"Sveesix"?  Trimble has a web page for what I presume to be a newer model,
the Placer 450: .

The "Trimble ASCII Interface Protocol" sounds like it's what you need to
research in order to be able to talk to the GPS.  A search turns up lots
of links, including a protocal specification at and the directory seems to have some other goodies as
well.  This should have all the information you need to write a simple
program to talk to the GPS.

Hope this helps.

H=E4lsningar fr=E5n Sverige,


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