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Subject: Re: Information on effect of infrasound on psychology etc
From: "Erich Kern" efkern@.............
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 20:41:51 -0700

Hello David and all of those of feeble mind who may be pre-disposed to take this
nonsense seriously:

David; while I admire your courage in proposing an obviously loosing, outrageous and
scientifically unsupportable position; your words qualify for our most prestigious
award. That would be the internationally coveted "Ambulance chasing pseudo-science
nutcase and part-time fabricator of innovative psychological disorders" award.  David,
please acquire honest employment and stop flogging your "new attitudes towards noise"
nonsense. We've made five round trips between the U.K. and the U.S. during the past 11
years and aside from cramped quarters and deficient sleep for a few days, have
suffered no ill effects. Yours is a fabricated claim bar none.

Please just get an honest job and end your quest for the holy grail of victimhood
protected by the good offices of whatever loosing politicians need a cause of the day
/// cause celebre.

Reading again your email, forwarded to many friends and parties interested in persuing
relentlessly those who would game the system for personal gain, and with considerable
glee at your obvious marketing of victimhood and ancillary dysfunctionalities I remain
eternally grateful to you for having provided us with so focussed an example of
intellectual flatulence.

Erich Kern

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From: "David Collier" 
Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2002 6:05 PM
Subject: Fw: Information on effect of infrasound on psychology etc

On or around 21 Dec 1999 there was a message from 'Frank' asking for the above.
Recommend you look at 'Vibroacoustic disease: the need for a new attitude towards
noise.' by Mariana Alves-Pereira & Nuno Castelo Branco, CITIDEP 2000. on the net.
They found suicidal tendencies and a lot more serious stuff besides.
This is a major issue for all industrialised countries; my own research suggests that
the estimated 100,000 per annum deaths from DVT syndrome in airline passegers is
linked to prolonged exposure to infrasound generated by jet engines (25-30 Hz exhaust
resonance transformed into a passenger compartment resonant air pressure oscillation
at around 6 Hz).
David Collier


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