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Subject: Eclipse-earthquake connection
From: Bob Fryer bfryer@............
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 01:14:29 -0700

Hi gang,

Remember that Mr Lee (Hawaii) reported several years ago on the 
Eclipse-earthquake connection.

Areas along the path of totality, especially, will have a major 
increase in the probabilty for a large quake for the next week.  A 
magnitude 7 event would not be surprising on or near the path of 
totality -- read Southern Mexico and Central America, as well as 
areas in the Pacific.  Fortunately this does not include California 
-- we hope.

Can anyone find a good source for the paths of totality?  I've done 
some searching, but meager results so far.

Note that Mt St Helens had a total eclipse in June (?) 1979 [I got 
some interesting pics.].  Rauscher and Van Bise told me last month 
that they detected the first pre-eruption signals circa Oct.-Nov. 
1979 -- a good 3 months before geophysicists reported activity.

Take care,
Bob F
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