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Subject: RE: Piezoelectric seismic sensor
From: Jack Ivey ivey@..........
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 13:23:38 -0400

In the more interesting (possibly) than useful category,
for a while I was using a disassembled piezo buzzer under 
one foot of a Lehman to keep it centered.  If the boom 
swung one way I'd increase the DC voltage across the 
element and if it swung the other I'd decrease it.  Worked
pretty well within limits, although most people's Lehman
probably weigh too much for this to be practical (My bases
are made of Al tubing so the whole thing weighs about 5 lb).

It seems like you could use a position sensor on the boom,
close the loop and use this as a quick and dirty force 
feedback (tilt feedback?) setup, although I haven't tried it.

When I first put the foot of the seismo on the piezo element,
I heard a sharp crack and was convinced I had broken it, until
I realized that the high voltage generated by the pressure had 
caused a spark!

Jack Ivey

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> Subject: Piezoelectric seismic sensor
> Has anyone ever heard of using a piezoelectric transducer in a force
> balance
> accelerometer?  I am in the process of building one, and it 
> seems quite
> sensitive
> over a broad range of frequencies.
> Steve Bartz
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